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Angelcity ferrari

TUNER: SEMA 50 Angelcity Ferrari 458

SEMA 50 was full of awesomeness. Yet one particular car stood out. What you are looking at is the AngelCity Ferrari 458. A Liberty Walk...
sema 50

TUNER: SEMA 50 Year Special

The 2016 SEMA 50 show at the Las Vegas Convention Centre marked 50 years of what has become the biggest and best gathering of...
Bugatti Chiron

EXOTIC: The 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World (UPDATED 09 2018)

*Update: In 2016 the LaFerrari Aperta took a spot in this awesome team. In 2017 it is Pagani's turn with the Huayra Roadster going straight...
shots of the Month January 17

TOP TENS: 10 best shots of the Month January 17 #cars247

The Cars247 Official Photographers are the best in the business. Each month we round up their best shots of the month for your viewing pleasure. In...
Koenigsegg Agera R

EXCLUSIVE: A look back at ‘Thor’s Hammer’ – The Koenigsegg Agera R

The Koenigsegg Agera R is one of the defining cars of the decade. A missile, capable of 270 mph and 0-200 mph in a...

EXOTIC: 2017 Ford GT specs revealed and its fast, very fast

Ford have already built the first 2017 Ford GT and are starting to deliver the car to customers. With that Ford have released the official...
koenigsegg agera rs

TOP TENS: 10 best looking cars of the Modern Era #cars247

Cars provide the ultimate expression. Power, Beauty, Aggression, almost all emotions can be expressed through the Car. In many cases designers get cars to...
70 Mile Saturday Aventador SV

EXCLUSIVE: 70 Mile Saturday Supercar Poker Run

This Saturday saw the return of one of the fastest growing supercar gatherings in the US - the 70 Mile Saturday Supercar Poker Run....
mercedes amg gts

EXOTIC: Mercedes AMG take on the Ring in their latest creations

Despite Mercedes AMG claiming Nurburgring times 'do not interest us' A couple weeks ago Mercedes AMG turned up at the Ring with an army...